Cilantro Tincture 4 fl oz
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Cilantro Tincture 4 fl oz

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BioPure Cilantro Tincture – Coriandrum sativum (“Chinese parsley”) 4 fl oz. tincture with dropper.

Cilantro has been an important medicinal herb for thousands of years. It was referred to in the Medical Papyrus of Thebes written in 1552 B.C. and found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The following health benefits attributed to cilantro are only a sampling of a much more extensive list. It is a powerful antioxidant with diuretic properties.* It is also believed to be an aid to digestion, enhancing the body’s natural ability to produce beneficial enzymes and acids, calming the stomach, stimulating peristaltic motion in the intestine, and decreasing flatulence.* The essential oils of BioPure Cilantro Tincture can help boost the body’s immune system and have even been thought to be an aphrodisiac.*

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