Breathwork Workshop
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Breathwork Workshop

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Using very specific breathing patterns, you will cause the default mode network of your brain to go dormant and your body will release stuck energy from the unconscious “Reptilian Brain”.

The result is a reset of our “fight or flight” response and healing from old traumas and fears.

This can be done from the comfort of your home. No advanced training is required.

Join Tony Litster for the breakthrough experience that will surpass any expectations you may have.  

Your mind will be blown and you will experience a new level of quiet inside.


Sunday May 15 at 2pm MST / 4pm EST

What is needed:

A place to lay flat on the ground or bed.  A bottle of water.  An empty bladder.  (No pets in the room- unless you like slobbery kisses…)

A speaker if you like your music loud

How much time:

The session will last about 2 hours, but it is best if you schedule some quiet time afterward


The investment:

Normally $49 USD- But for the Karlfeldt community it is just $29


After purchasing: check your email for confirmation and to find the zoom link!