Brain and Laser Combo - by Dr. Harmon
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Brain and Laser Combo - by Dr. Harmon

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Dr Jon Harmon

Have you heard about neurofeedback's incredible ability to balance brainwaves and thus reduce unwelcome states of insomnia, depression and anxiety, while increasing focus, memory and a sense of well-being?

With this package, Dr. Harmon of Clear Mind Idaho will perform a brain map to determine the balance between your brain's four hemispheres. Then, laser therapy will be performed to provide immediate brain and biological reset.

By buying this package, you'll receive these amazing services at 20% off!

This renewal and reset package includes: 

  • Brain Map ($149 value)
  • Laser Therapy, initial consultation ($75 value)

To redeem this package once purchased, please call us at 208-338-8902 or go to Appointments to schedule your appointment! Thank you!

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