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Acute Virus Package - Dr. Karlfeldt's Go-To-Supplements

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Dr Karlfeldt
Dr. Karlfeldt has seen a nasty virus or thousand, and as a naturopath doctor for 30 years, he knows the supplements that can kick a cold down the street faster than anything. That's why he's assembled this acute virus package for the first signs of a cold, flu or other quick-hit virus. These items are also good for boosting the immune system, so having them on-hand and taking them regularly particularly during the winter season is a smart move for your health.
Included this package:
  • Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
  • D3 drops,1000 i.u. by Karlfeldt True Nutrition
  • D3 Supra Dose softgels by Karlfeldt True Nutrition
  • Micellized Vitamin A (highly absorbable and fast-acting) by Klaire Labs
  • HeatlhMax30 Colloidal Silver with SilverSol Technology
  • Echinacea Premium by Standard Process

The time to buy this package is before you get sick, so we recommend this as part of your family natural health insurance policy!

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