Pantothenic Acid 120 vcaps
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Pantothenic Acid 120 vcaps

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Pantothenic acid is a B complex vitamin that helps your body convert the carbohydrates and fats you eat into the energy that keeps you going from day to day. In addition‚ this vitamin helps your adrenal glands (which are located on top of your kidneys) produce essential hormones that are related to stress relief and sexual health. It also plays a vital role in manufacturing red blood cells‚ the cells that deliver essential oxygen to the tissues through the circulatory system.

Since pantothenic acid is water-soluble‚ your body can't store it for long periods of time. Good dietary sources of vitamin B5 include organ meats‚ broccoli‚ avocados‚ legumes‚ salmon‚ and whole grains; however‚ many processed foods have had the pantothenic acid stripped out of them. You might want to take a supplement like Pure Encapsulations' Pantothenic Acid in order to ensure that you have sufficient levels of this nutrient on a daily basis.

In addition to its other benefits‚ vitamin B5 may support digestive tract health. As a result‚ pantothenic acid can support the body's absorption of other nutrients‚ such as riboflavin (vitamin B2). Along with its support for cellular energy production‚ this vitamin may also help your body synthesize amino acids‚ fatty acids‚ and other vitamins. If you have trouble sleeping‚ stomach pains‚ or fatigue‚ a deficiency is rare but possible.


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