Onco Adjunct Pathway 4 (120 ct)
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Onco Adjunct Pathway 4 (120 ct)

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 Promotes Immune Function & Cell Cycles.

ONCO-ADJUNCT™ Pathway 4™ is a nutritional supplement that combines Beta Glucans with three LPS™ bioactive polyphenols using brown rice as the scaffold.

LPS™ technology delivers molecular polyphenols such as Fisetin, EGCG, and Resveratrol to your body by using protein as the carrier. Without LPS™ technology they are not assimilated because they don’t dissolve.

  1. LPS™ Brown Rice-Fisetin Complex – May support Sirtuin, NRF2, and NFkB pathways.*
  2. LPS™ Brown Rice-EGCG Complex – May support cellular health by influencing optimal autophagy.*
  3. LPS™ Brown Rice-Resveratrol Complex – May support Sirtuin, NRF2, and NFkB pathways as well.*
  4. Beta Glucans – May support optimal function of immune system.* Our source for Beta-glucan, called PureMune™, activates all three parts of the immune system, not just the Dectin 1. The activation of the Complement Immune System is critically important for overall immune health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical condition.

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