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Dr. Karlfeldt Invites you to experience HEALING FROM THE INSIDE- from Dis-Ease to Vitality with Tony Litster and Sarah Krippner.

End the cycles of anxiety, sabotage, fear, and stress- and experience flow and energy as you create your life.

Re-Wilding 101 with Tony Litster

Re-Wilding is re-learning the language of the “Reptilian Brain.”  (hint- it doesn’t speak English)

Re-Wilding is a process of regulating our nervous system and bringing back our creative, optimistic nature.

As you Re-Wild with Tony, you will:

  • Release life-long emotions, traumas, and failures, so you can take action toward your future
  • Dissolve the shame that has haunted your inner world so you can love who you are
  • Increase your energy and vitality and let your body naturally heal
  • End cycles of self-sabotage to finally live the life you want
  • Calm your nervous system, so you become immune to messages of fear
  • Break cycles of co-dependence and retrain and soothe your emotions in relationships
  • Have spontaneous moments of gratitude and maybe even fall in love with your life
  • Resolve the emotional conflicts you’ve had with money, so you welcome abundance with ease
  • Experience a power within yourself and develop unshakeable confidence
  • Align the three brains so there is no resistance so you can let go, relax and enjoy your success

What is it:

An 8-week live, interactive group coaching program with Tony Litster. (Retail $1,997.00)

Each Tuesday, you will learn an additional tool to unlock and restore your nervous system and vitality. 

In addition to Re-Wilding with Tony, every Thursday, you will also learn:

Emotional Calibration with Sarah Krippner

Alongside learning the language of the lizard brain, Sarah Krippner will teach you "Emotional Calibration.”

Sarah is an expert in creating freedom from emotional imbalance that keeps you stuck in limiting beliefs and disconnected from your powerful intuition.

Your emotions are your guidance system for your mental and physical alignment. By the time we are feeling the physical DisEase, we have been in emotional imbalance for a while.

Blame, shame and fear create DisEase. 

Willingness, acceptance, and love create Vitality.

Imagine the rumble strip on the side of the highway that lets you know you are headed off the road; you feel rough vibration and hear that loud sound. So, you correct and get back in alignment on the road. 

You have that same ability with your emotions (and physical body); we have just been numbed down to ignore the signs. Our intuition is turned off. 

Sarah will teach you how to witness your emotional state and consciously move to a higher state to allow alignment. 

From this place of alignment, we can listen to our intuition and make corrections quickly, without driving off the road. And without judgment.

What is it:

An 8-week live, interactive group coaching program with Sarah Krippner (Retail $1,997.00)

Each Thursday, Sarah will teach you easy steps to understand your emotions, use them for your benefit, and engage your intuition. 

You will let go of internal statements based in fear that are keeping you stuck. 

You will learn to trust yourself and open up to Vitality.


Re-Wilding and Emotional Calibration give you the tools to HEAL FROM THE INSIDE.

Dr. Karlfeldt asked Sarah and Tony to create a combined program for this community.  Instead of just one course, you get both!

On Tuesdays, Tony will teach you to speak the language of the lizard brain.

On Thursdays, Sarah will teach you to end limiting beliefs and create emotional balance.

Normally when they teach these programs live, the investment is $1,997.00 - for each course.

For the next 48 hours, HEALING FROM THE INSIDE (Re-Wilding + Emotional Calibration combined) is only $747 TOTAL!

(After 48 hours, the price goes to $997)


As a bonus to HEALING FROM THE INSIDE, you also get:

Bonus 1-

21 Days To Transform Your Self-Image and Create Lasting Change

This is a downloadable 21-day audio course Tony created to help re-write negative stories about yourself and program into your subconscious a powerful image of yourself.

Retail $297

Bonus 2- 

Guided Visualizations Audios- To Reprogram Your Subconscious

  • Dissolve Money Blocks and Become A Money Magnet
  • Release Any Emotion
  • Instantly Shift From Stress To Gratitude
  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • Total Relaxation

Retail $297


We are excited to share these tools with you!  Take advantage of this special price for the next 48 hours!  (After 48 hours, the price is $997)