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G.I. Detox

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Bio-Botanical Research GI Detox + 60 Capsules

GI Detox + from Bio-Botanical Research features an upgraded binding formula to support enhanced clearance of endotoxins, metals, and xenobiotic compounds. Removal of debris and toxins is essential when restoring microbial balance to the G.I. tract. Binding agents are especially integral for those using Biocidin, as the breakdown of biofilms, mycotoxins and pathogens can cause die-off or Herxheimer-type detox reactions. Endotoxins from Gram-negative bacteria such as LPS, heavy metals, and metabolites of yeast, mold, or bacteria can all contribute to an increased toxic burden and promote swelling. This new formulation excels in supporting the clearance of these toxins.

    • Supports the removal of debris and toxins and helps restore microbial balance
    • Zeolite Clay - Binding agent to assist in the removal of toxins and heavy metals. Bio-Botanical Research Zeolite is tested for purity and sourced from within the US.
    • Activated Charcoal - Sourced from bamboo, it assists in binding and absorbing a variety of organic and inorganic compounds.
    • Aloe Vera Extract - This inner leaf material assists in bowel motility, and soothes and promotes repair of the mucosal layer of the GI tract.
    • MMST Silica - Provides support in binding toxins and metals. Bio-Botanical Research's is bound to Acacia Gum to convert easily into orthosilicic acid (OSA) for enhanced bioavailability.


  • Apple Pectin - Another excellent agent, with a broad affinity for various biotoxins.
  • Humic and Fulvic acids - With a broad range of benefits, these natural soil-based agents are known for binding metals and pesticide biotoxins.


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